The new way of delivering: in good hands

Deliver your valuable packages securely, the new way. The way of the future.

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The old way of delivering: in good faith

Lost, broken, & damaged packages? Not anymore. Click on "With Gordian" to enter the future of deliveries.

Place an order the way you always do
Once an order is placed, the delivery executive reaches the pick-up location within 60 minutes.
Enter your OTP on the device
You will receive an OTP on your phone. Unlock the secure device by entering the OTP on the device’s keypad. Place your package inside and close the device. Then relax.
Track your package
After picking up the package, the delivery executive travels to the receiver’s location.
In transit, you can track the location of your package in real-time.
Receive your parcel stress-free
After the delivery executive reaches the drop location, unlock the device by entering the OTP received on the receiver’s phone and retrieve your package stress-free.
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Jewellery shopping now convenient

Buying Jewellery is an experience. Deliver a top-notch buying experience to your customers right from purchase until doorstep.

AR/VR changing the buying experience, it’s time to extend it to delivery!

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Manage loans. Not deliveries.

Loan Managers are a scarce resource in the industry. Ensure their time isn’t wasted on-field depositing the gold collected.

Sit back and relax while we handle the gold collection and delivery process for you.

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Don’t make your customer wait

In a world of 10-min deliveries, are you still offering your customers a sub-par 24 hour delivery experience?

Make the switch to 2-hour deliveries to see your sales grow as customers change how they shop.

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Gordian delivering electronics

Control your data. Everywhere.

From leakage of pricelists to quarterly results , the implications are irreversible and far beyond your control.

Ensure there are sufficient controls even during your transit of physical data.

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Gordian delivering documents

Deliveries a cliq away

In a post-pandemic world where true luxury is not stepping out of your house, it becomes useless to visit a store to shop for luxury products.

Give your customers an option to shop and receive their products in a couple of hours.

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Illustration of Gordian delivering jewellery

Rent your delivery fleet

You understand the concept of renting vs owning. Are you wasting time on hiring and managing delivery riders and still not able to match up to  customer’s demands?

Use Gordian’s fleet on demand and solve your scaling needs.

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No. of deliveries 10
You save ₹32,500 per month
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Total Cost Per month
Fixed Employee Cost
Charges Per KM
  1. Average distance per delivery: 8 km
  2. No. of working days: 25
  3. Fixed salary of employee: Rs. 15,500 p.m.

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More than just a delivery.

No ifs or buts

Get every transit insured if you’re a business. That too at market-leading premium rates.

Though any untoward incident is highly unlikely, we are committed to provide full support from claim application to settlement.

Verification before trust

Our delivery partners are not verified by just documents.

We conduct a thorough residential and criminal verification for every delivery partner before they undertake their first delivery.

Technology > Process

Easy-to-use APIs integration
Android / iOS / Web App
IoT-enabled devices
OTP based unlocking
Gordian's technology

Know when, where, and how

Track in real time the location of the delivery executive. That’s not all. The device can also be separately tracked in transit.

There’s more. Have complete visibility over door lock status, time of lock/unlock, digital proof of delivery, and more.


Secure your deliveries right from your PC

Or place your secure order right from your palm

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will it take for the pickup?

Our delivery partners will reach the pick-up location within a MAX. of 60 mins. But that’s just the max. Our data shows an average pick-up time of 23 mins, and we're just getting better!

What if I need to send bigger items?

The delivery executive carries an extra bag in which you could place bigger items. Note that packages placed in the bag are not secured by the device.

What if the Delivery Partner absconds with my package?

Glad you asked! This is a highly unlikely situation and here's why:
1. All deliveries are undertaken within 2 hours.
2. Device is always on and cannot be turned off manually.
3. Track the delivery executive AND the device during transit.
4. Background verified delivery executives - residential and criminal verification.
5. You can also get your items insured through us.
6. Many more checks and balances that we couldn't explain it all here!

Is insurance available for personal use?

Unfortunately, insurance is currenly only available to Business Accounts.

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