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Security is the key to the future and we hold the key.



Bringing security to the forefront!

There is a huge pain-point in the industry with respect to the transportation of goods across the country.
There is a huge dependence on manual labour where the ethical behaviour and the integrity of the delivery personnel is heavily relied upon. There are staggering 1.9 Million E-commerce deliveries(KPMG in India Analysis)alone per day, employing more than 7.3 Million people in the transportation and logistics sector as at 2011(As per NSDO).
Further, high insurance costs that are involved at present due to non-reliability on the logistics and the e-commerce delivery companies are adding to the woes of the traders and the business community at large. The security provided by the stakeholders in the massive $160 Billion industry as at January, 2018(Economic survey)is surprisingly very trivial and lots of reliance is placed on insurance and trustworthy labour and technology is utilized only at certain control points, which doesn’t provide complete security to the goods being transported.
There is a requirement for disruptive innovation in the fields of transportation of goods to ensure that the entire ecosystem and all its stakeholders can benefit as a whole. It’s imperative that there is a solution to this staggering problem plaguing the country and we are here to solve it.
With the use of technology, we are here to save the day. We believe losses due to theft, pilferage and wrong handling of products can be completely eliminated with the utilization of our technology and ensure that there is significant overhaul of the industry and our product is at helm of this revolution.



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