Delivering security every step of the way.

A long journey until here. A longer way ahead.

We are set out not to just provide security in hyperlocal transit. Our vision is to build a secure supply chain across the country that is accessible, efficient, and affordable to businesses and consumers alike.

Currently operational in our home ground Bengaluru, we are expanding to 3+ cities by the end of this year. If you'd like Gordian to come to your city, get in touch with us!

100 Cr+
Worth Parcels Delivered
Gordian Technologies team

“Back in 2018, I woke up to the news of exam paper leaks. That’s when it struck me: the delivery network in India was unsafe with multiple points of failures in the transit chain. Our vision is to make deliveries safe, secure, and affordable."

Prajwal Ajay
Founder & CEO at Gordian

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Frequently Asked Quesitons.

How long will it take for the pickup?

Our delivery partners will reach the pick-up location within 60 mins. But that’s just the max. He / she can reach sooner!

What if I need to send bigger items?

The delivery executive carries an extra bag in which you could place bigger items. Note that packages placed in the bag are not secured by the device.

What if the Delivery Partner absconds with my package?

Though very highly unlikely, we track in real-time the BOTH the delivery partner and the device in which the package is placed.

Is insurance available for personal use?

Unfortunately, insurance is currenly only available to Business Accounts.

I just need to use your device. Can I?

Yes. Head over to the Subscriptions page to know more!

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