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Why work with Gordian?

  1. Gordian is on a mission to solve the problem of security and safety of parcels during transit and is the only company in India providing secure hyperlocal deliveries.

  2. We are incubated at NASSCOM 10k Startups, associated with IIMB, NSRCEL and we are alumni of NASSCOM DeepTech Club. We are also recognized by the Govt of India and Govt of Karnataka and have been one of the 100 odd startups across India selected for Startup Showcase.

  3. Work culture. We strongly believe that every person works the best when they’re given their space and freedom to work.
    At Gordian, we encourage ownership, accountability, and creative independence. There's no dearth of work, and you can expand contributions in areas of your interest and competence.

Current Openings:


In summary, we're looking for a software developer who will be responsible for the development of our user-facing application and associated web services using MERN stack.


Applicant needs to have good knowledge of programming fundamentals and already know Javascript (or is confident about picking it up). Candidates having at least one year of experience in front-end or back-end development are preferred. 


  1. Working closely with primary stakeholders to gather requirements and plan technical solutions. 

  2. Development and testing of front-end and back-end components, and writing maintainable codebase. 

  3. DevOps ie, enabling automation of sharing and building code.

  4. Documenting and enabling organizational structure and various channels of communication.

  5.  Communicating thorough requirements and issues with the software system.


  • Strong programming fundamentals and demonstrable experience through work or projects in any programming language

  • An interest in working in a startup environment

  • At least one year of work experience in the industry or on a project with multiple members

  • A good understanding of web development fundamentals including JSON, REST, HTTP, client/ server, web servers, proxies, reverse proxies, etc

  • A good understanding of Javascript. Alternatively, experience with other languages/ frameworks that would enable quick learning of Javascript will suffice

  • Strong and professional communication skills

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