Elevate the experience of jewellery shopping

Delivering jewellery safely is not an easy job. But it doesn’t have to be your job.  We understand the difficulties you face when offering at-home convenience and safety together. That’s where we help you and your customers.

Are you an online merchant?

Or are you a store owner?

Place an order the way you always do
Once an order is placed, the delivery executive reaches the pick-up location within 60 minutes.
Enter your OTP on the device
You will receive an OTP on your phone. Unlock the secure device by entering the OTP on the device’s keypad. Place your package inside and close the device. Then relax.
Track your package
After picking up the package, the delivery executive travels to the receiver’s location.
In transit, you can track the location of your package in real-time.
Receive your parcel stress-free
After the delivery executive reaches the drop location, unlock the device by entering the OTP received on the receiver’s phone and retrieve your package stress-free.
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Added protection with insurance

Insure yourself against any unlikely incidents!

That too at market leading premium rates.

Deliver within 2 hours

Don’t miss out on customer conversions due to limited or poor delivery options.

Reduce time-to-order.

Order now? Deliver now

Whether 100 deliveries or just 1. We fulfill both with the same commitment.

We scale with you, whether during on-seasons or off!

Convert them all

Let there be no friction at the decision-making stage of your sales funnel. Gordian increases the number of high-AOV orders

Get new customers

Deliver to all pin-codes in your city and expand geographical coverage!

Go online now and leave the logistics to us.

Product security beyond CCTV

Transit is the single point of failure for security from theft. Not anymore.

Have complete visibility and avoid thefts! Don’t let one incident wipe out your profits.

Deliver experiences. Not just jewellery.

Receiving beautiful jewellery in a dirty cover spoils the experience right at the first physical touchpoint.

Now deliver your products as good as handing over at store.

See how much you can save

Select the no. of deliveries per day.
No. of deliveries 10
You save ₹32,500 per month
Without Gordian


Total Cost Per month
Fixed Employee Cost
Fuel Reimbursement
With Gordian


Total Cost Per month
Fixed Employee Cost
Charges Per KM
  1. Average distance per delivery: 8 km
  2. No. of working days: 25
  3. Fixed salary of employee: Rs. 15,500 p.m.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will it take for the pickup?

Our delivery partners will reach the pick-up location within a MAX. of 60 mins. But that’s just the max. Our data shows an average pick-up time of 23 mins, and we're just getting better!

What if I need to send bigger items?

The delivery executive carries an extra bag in which you could place bigger items. Note that packages placed in the bag are not secured by the device.

What if the Delivery Partner absconds with my package?

Glad you asked! This is a highly unlikely situation and here's why:
1. All deliveries are undertaken within 2 hours.
2. Device is always on and cannot be turned off manually.
3. Track the delivery executive AND the device during transit.
4. Background verified delivery executives - residential and criminal verification.
5. You can also get your items insured through us.
6. Many more checks and balances that we couldn't explain it all here!

Is insurance available for personal use?

Unfortunately, insurance is currenly only available to Business Accounts.

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